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 Welcome Letter

  Dear colleagues,

  The problem of plant genetic resources conservation and use for increasing food quality and hence improving the quality of human life becomes more important with each decade and confronts researchers with such theoretical and practical  tasks as:

  • Integrated assessment of the genetic diversity of cultivated plants and their wild relatives as a source of components for healthy, dietary and therapeutic nutrition;
  • Formation of innovative technologies of food products manufacturing through the integration of natural technologies of living systems with production technologies;
  • Development of medico-biological aspects of the functional nutrition concept;
  • Development of dietetic and orthomolecular strategies in prophylaxis and therapy of alimentary diseases using functional and special food products.

  Aiming to solve these tasks by applying an interdisciplinary approach, and seeking consensus between the experts in systems biology, nutritiology, gastroenterology, microbiology, ecology, biotechnology, food engineering, plant breeding and agriculture, it is proposed to hold a series of conferences under the general title of «Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Health».

Conference   The first conference in this series that deals with the Potential of Cereal Crops will be held on 18-20 April 2018 in St. Petersburg. It is dedicated to discussions of the present-day possibilities of using cereal crop genetic resources in manufacturing food products for improving quality of human life.

  Located at the banks of the Neva River, St. Petersburg is not only the largest scientific and cultural center of Russia, but also one of the most beautiful European cities, which architectural ensembles are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. All the participants of the Conference will have a great opportunity to combine scientific activities offered by an extensive program of plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations at the Conference, and a fine sightseeing program in St. Petersburg.

  We invite you to participate in the work of the Conference.

  Organizing Committee